The Majestic Building, also known as the Majestic Theatre, was designed by John Eberson and opened in 1929 as a Downtown movie theater. It was built by Karl Hoblitzelle for the price of $3,000,000. It was built on the site of the old Royal Theater from 1909.

It is said that the Majestic Theatre was the first ever movie theatre in all of Texas to offer air conditioning. The theatre also offered it’s patrons babysitting services in the building to avoid bothering other patrons trying to enjoy the show.

The Theatre closed in 1974 due to the lack of patrons and sat vacant for seven years until it was then briefly re-opened for Broadway shows. However, it closed again in 1988 for a complete renovation. In 1989 the Majestic welcomed the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra.

It was the City of San Antonio that saved the Theatre by purchasing it and bringing it back to life. Above the beautiful Theatre are offices and beautiful luxury apartments with breathtaking views of the City.